Have you ever wanted to cook for your dog, but were unsure how healthy or if the recipe you have is balanced?

Dr. Susan Lauten has put together a must-have book for you and your dog family “Back To Basics: Whole Foods For Healthy Dogs.”

The recipes in this book are fully balanced to both AAFCO requirements and NRC recommendations. If you can follow a recipe, you too can make very nutritious meals for your dog(s).

Dr. Lauten has been formulating home-cooked diets for dogs with medical conditions as well as for healthy dogs. Our family unit has grown to include dogs and cats, and the desire to feed one’s family the healthiest food has prompted a new population of home-cooking pet parents.

In this book you will learn to cook healthy dog maintenance diets, some with grains and some grain free.

Dessert is also included with two treat recipes guaranteed to delight your canine family members provided by Joseph Lascola, president of California K9 Kitchen.