Dr Susan Lauten

Susan is a native New Yorker, but has spent her adult life in the Southern US. She was a CPA until a divorceSusan Lauten made her realize that she wished to spend her life helping dogs.

She earned a Masters in Agriculture, and then earned a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University, with research in companion animal nutrition.

After graduation Susan accepted a post doctoral position at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine with renowned veterinary internists and nutritionists Drs. Joe Bartges and Claudia Kirk who were remarkable teachers. Almost 6 years were spent at the Veterinary School working with the veterinary specialists and senior veterinary students to manage the nutritional aspect of their cases. The students were also trained to use nutrition as part of their medical practice. Susan became a clinical instructor at the Veterinary school in 2006 where she remained until late 2008 when the consulting business became a full time career.

Susan is finally living and working within her dream, after a long, winding road.

She also has a Pet Nutrition website.

Joe Lascola

California K9 Kitchen would never have been formed if it weren’t for a little dog named Guido.

Joe Lascola, a landscape designer for 30 years, adopted Guido in 2000. Mr. Lascola was aware that Guido had some physical challenges; but knowing little about this Italian Greyhound puppy, he reached out to the breed club and the local rescue group to see if they could help him with Guido’s special needs.

As time went on, Joe became more involved with the rescue group and his passion for dogs grew. Joe was rapidly becoming aware of questions about the quality of commercial dog foods and treats. Joe began to supplement Guido’s meals with home-cooked food and treats in hopes of improving his health. The treats were offered for sale at rescue events to raise money. As the economy affected the demand for landscape designers, Joe had more time to devote to his pet treats, and by 2006 the treats found their way into local pet stores so California K9 Kitchen was born.

The pet food recalls of 2007 were completely devastating to so many animals and their families. Guido was still eating some commercial foods when he became very ill. Joe was determined to get Guido completely off any commercial foods. The internal medicine specialist recommended we work with a nutritionist to address his ulcers and IBD. That is when we found Susan Lauten, PhD.

Today Joe is following his passion and California K9 Kitchen offers a full line of products and services for our dogs, from dinner to dessert… thanks to a little dog named Guido!